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"WANA GO TO THE BEACH?" a series of 16 silk screen prints,pencil drawing and paint realized during the art residence 2017) at "Waaw" in Senegal, Saint louis.

Observing the abandoned objects on Saint Louis beaches, the garbage and let them tell their stories passing from the skin lighteners to the milk bucket that the Talibés use to beg for money for the Marabu,scarification,the dead fishes on Mame Coumba Bang water shores, the goat head and the paradise, the shells,cowries and sand readers.

16 Pieces 46x35 cm silkscreen,pencil drawing,digital drawing, painting 2017

"To May Ayim" is a collection of 16 Silkscreened works.

It's inspired to the homonym  Afro-German Poet and  Activist 's book "Blues in Black & White" , a collection of poems dedicated to questioning about  identity, race, integration and gender.

The illustrations digs into Ayim's writings associating to the words to a collection of Symbolism such as the Adinkra from Ghana, drawings,reproduction of objects, old pictures and words.

Ayim must be  a  reference to all mixed kids born in Europe in the 70ies 80ies, "we biracial kids" have a limitet acces to rawmodels, we need teachers writers artists who have stories like ours.

The afroamerican experience is so far, so different from the afroeuropean one.

It is time we start to build our stories, to tell them and share them and find a comfortable place where we can peacefully knitt the string from our past our present to the future.

Ayims book was an inspiration, her words opened wounds and rememberings to my experience , through her poems she became a sister, a friend.The experience is so similar,  the basic problematics the same.

Black, White, WOman, artist.Those the keywords that kept the connection from her book to my work.

16 Pieces 46x35 cm silkscreen pencil drawing,digital drawing, painting 2015/2016

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