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Bodies,Tales, Landscapes.Progression II

50x70 cm

Hand printed arwork with the Silkscreen technique.

Limited edition of 25,numbered and signed.

300gramm paper Magnani, color Panna.


This Print belong to the installation commissioned by Haus Kulturen der Welt in 2023 for the exhibition:

"O Quilombismo

Of Resisting and Insisting. Of Flight as Fight. Of Other Democratic Egalitarian Political Philosophies"


Explanation of the installation by the curator Paz Guevara:

Diana Ejaita’s practice across art installation, illustration and textile design are means to reinvigorate visual story-telling traditions of her African lineage . As Nigerian-Italian practitioner in the Diaspora, Ejaita’s artworks are a way of shaping notions of belonging, while also becoming a dynamic space to revitalize aesthetic genealogies from the African continent. This oscillation between worlds is reflected in her visual reinterpretation of stories, such as from the  Nigerian writer  Amos Tutuola , or from the narrative techniques of West African textiles, Westafrican Oral story telling.. For O Quilombismo, the artist has created a mural composition in which figures interlaced in the movements of story-telling. Being recurring motifs in this series, bodies emerge and transform throughout the pictorial space. As in West African narratives with which Ejaita dialogues, the present symbols act as paths to spiritual landscapes. As in magic-based narratives, the mural summons us to transcend the visual and engage in the modes of myths co-participation, as channel to the ancestors.--


Link to short explanation of work ( in German):

Link to the exhibition explantion:

Bodies,Tales, Landscapes.Progression II

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